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OJ Simpson, murder, stress


Many people like true crime stories.  Are you one of them?

OJ Simpson, murder, stress. …. 

I have been watching the OJ Simpson mini series and have found it interesting. I forgot some of the details.  Hard to know what really happened.  My father was one of the few people who I knew that thought OJ was innocent.  

I believed he was guilty but that the prosecution had not proved their case beyond a reasonable doubt and therefore he would be found not guilty.

I didn’t watch the whole trial back in the 1990’s because I was busy working on a real life death penalty case.

I became an attorney on December 1st 1992 and on December 3rd of 1992 I started working on a case that involved the murder of 2 old people, beaten with a metal stake in their home while their 10 year old great grand son was being sexually molested.  Yikes, now you know why I don’t watch crime shows or read violent books…


It was a terrible case.  I was hired by an older, very experienced attorney, George, to assist him.  I worked on this case for 2 1/2 years, got great experience and learned how to be a trial attorney. 

Looking back I am not exactly sure how I worked on such a horrible murder case.  As a mother of an 11 year old boy, I would have a difficult time working on this case today.

I know this is odd, but I got to know John very well and felt sorry for him. 

Our client John, was one of the few people who should have never been let out of a mental institute.  From about the age of 15 he was in and out of state mental hospitals.  Spending much of his time in 5 point restraints, naked and with basically a light bulb to look at. 

John was very child like.  I believed that he did not commit the murders.  Rather, I believed what John had said- that his (only) friend, Randy Wall had killed the elderly people.  It is a longggkggg story of why, what happened… maybe I will make this book number 2 someday.

Here is a little bit about the case:


I was teaching 16 hours of class time at a local business college and working 40-50 hours a week on this case.  

We pled John not guilty by reason of insanity.  The jury found him sane (a different standard for law vs. the real world).  

I was stressed to the max.  I had hives on a good portion of my body.  

Looking back, I realize that I often thrived on stress.  That has changed. 

After breast cancer realized I needed better ways to decrease my stress, cope with it and balance my life. 

For those who want to do the same, I have created a stress buster online course. 

The first 10 people who email me back and tell me they want my stress course will get it for free, a $59 value.

Over the next few weeks I will share 3 other horrible death penalty cases I worked on.  

Thankfully, my current clients are good people who just make some bad choices. 


Have an excellent week!


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