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Cant afford a Family Law Attorney

Cant afford a Family Law Attorney but, need one? 


If you would like to:

do most of your family law case (divorce, child custody, child support, child visitation, spousal support. . .) on your own,

meet with an experienced attorney (an attorney since 1992) to go over your documents, situation, rights and issues, 

get your questions answered for 1 hour and only pay for 1 hour instead of thousands of dollars, then contact Attorney Andrea Schneider at (619) 518-0476

“If you want to spend a lot of money to fight over the chair, I’m not the attorney for you. I will help you negotiate with the other side regarding child support, child visitation, spousal support, division of property… 

Some attorneys will encourage you to fight over everything, which means more money for them. I don’t believe in that. I will help you do what’s best for your family.”Andrea


Here is what some “1 hour clients” said after their 1 hour consultation:

I found Andrea Schneider on Avvo.  I contacted her in regards to my child custody case.  I could not afford her to represent me, however, she was kind enough to charge me hourly and consult me.  She was patient, understanding, and very thorough.  I feel very well prepared to submit my documents.  I would highly recommend her expertise. Alina 11/14/17


I found Andrea on avvo. I received a summons to appear in 6 days. I needed to meet with her and she saw me within a day of calling her. She actually answered the phone and some of my questions while at Disneyland with her kids. Andrea met with me for an hour and gave me the exact paperwork I needed for mediation. While everyone in the courthouse was frantically filling out three pages of paperwork, I was able to gather my thoughts. She also prepared me for the mediation. Andrea is a very skilled and knowledgeable attorney. The hours consult was priceless. The court sided in my favor and I owe this to Andrea. Thank you. Paulina


I hired Andrea to consult me on a child custody case. She talked me through the whole process thoroughly and explained what you expect as well as how I can best present myself. I will be walking into mediation with my sons father feeling as prepared as possible. I am grateful for her assistance.  Britney


“I feel Ms. Schneider was extremely helpful and knowledgeable with assisting with organizing my divorce documents to file on my own. 

This meeting was for 1 hour and she met all my goals and gave me great advice and were able to get through all my documents within that one hour.

I would highly recommend Miss Schneider.” Shannon

Contact Attorney Andrea Schneider at (619) 518-0476.

Cant afford a Family Law Attorney

Cant afford a Family Law Attorney


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