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Child Custody Consulting

Child Custody and/or Visitation Consulting

Sometimes you just need some guidance! 

What to expect, how to prepare for Family Court Service (FCS) & Court…
Maybe you are both great parents (or maybe not), want what is best for your child/children but just have a difference of opinion as to what that looks like.  


Need help with your custody and visitation issues?


You may not be in agreement with the other parent as to who should have legal custody (make decisions about school, medical-i.e. should your child take ADHD medication…) or physical custody (who will the child mostly live with and what will be the visitation schedule- i.e. does your teenager not want to go sleep over at Dad’s/Mom’s house anymore) of your child/children and therefore may have to go to the Court for some help and orders by a Judge.  


I can represent you in San Diego Courts or I can CONSULT with you and give you guidance as to your specific Child Custody or Visitation situation, what to expect at FCS (Family Court Service mediation), how to prepare for FCS, how to prepare for Court.


Contact Andrea at (619) 518-0476 or

Here is what 2 of the clients that recently consulted with me had to say:


I found Andrea on avvo. I received a summons to appear in 6 days. I needed to meet with her and she saw me within a day of calling her. She actually answered the phone and some of my questions while at Disneyland with her kids. Andrea met with me for an hour and gave me the exact paperwork I needed for mediation. While everyone in the courthouse was frantically filling out three pages of paperwork, I was able to gather my thoughts. She also prepared me for the mediation. Andrea is a very skilled and knowledgeable attorney. The hours consult was priceless. The court sided in my favor and I owe this to Andrea. Thank you


I hired Andrea to consult me on a child custody case. She talked me through the whole process thoroughly and explained what you expect as well as how I can best present myself. I will be walking into mediation with my sons father feeling as prepared as possible. I am grateful for her assistance. 


Contact Andrea at (619) 518-0476 or

(And of course, this website is just to share information, isn’t meant as legal advice and does not create an attorney/client relationship.  You should always contact an attorney for your specific situation and for more information.)