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San Diego DUI Attorney

San Diego DUI Attorney 

What is your biggest problem, and how can I solve it?

You were recently arrested for a possible DUI.   

You may be feeling upset, confused, tired, emotional, embarrassed, overwhelmed and/or scared.

There are options to custody, especially for those with multiple DUI’s.

Recent criminal defense results for a client accused of multiple DUI’s:


Represented a client on DUI’s 3, 4, and 5.  He had 2 older DUI’s that were alcohol related.  He went sober of alcohol after that but, later got addicted to pain medication and muscle relaxants.  In December of 2017 he was arrested for a DUI after he hit a parked vehicle.  He had no alcohol in his system.  While the District Attorney’s Office was testing his blood for drugs, he got in 2 more accidents while driving.  
He was driving under the influence of prescription medication and other drugs.  Particularly, something called Soma.  
The Deputy District Attorney wanted him to go to prison for 2-3 years.  After 10 months of negotiations, persistence, many meetings, many Court appearances, going up the chain of command at the District Attorney’s office… I was able to get him Drug Court.  Drug Court is a closely supervised 18 month program that will help him achieve sobriety and a lawful lifestyle.  If he is successful in it, he will most likely do no jail time and for sure not 2 or 3 years in prison.  And best of all he will be sober. 



What some recent clients had to say about Andrea/me:


Andrea Schneider, attorney, has a vast knowledge of the court system and the law. She has worked with me diligently since January, and it is now November, to keep me out of prison due to multiple DUI’s (5 DUI’s =2 alcohol related and 3 pain medication/muscle relaxant related with accidents).  She never gave up defending me.  I would highly recommend Andrea for any legal matters.  Dan 


I am very pleased with the representation Andrea has done for me. Being very nervous and stressed with my DUI situation, Andrea has made me feel very comfortable. All of my imposed fines have been less and better than I would have ever thought. I would recommend her highly️. Cheryl


Attorney Andrea Schneider goes to great lengths for her clients. Professional Excellence! Keep up the great work… and thank you for caring enough to get my husband started on his journey. Shirley


A night in jail is certainly not fun.

Can’t believe this has happened to you?  You are not alone, about 140 women and about 200 men in San diego are arrested for a possible DUI every month!


DUI arrest, now what?  You Are Out And It’s Time To Take Action!

Without proper representation, you have a lot to lose.

I will hold your hand through the whole process.  You will feel relieved, less stressed, supported and not judged. 

Call or text me/Andrea at (619) 518-0476 to schedule your Free “WHAT DO I DO NOW?” session, so we can figure out your best strategy and make this as easy as possible for you. 



DMV needs to be contacted within 10 days of your arrest to set up your hearing. If you or I do not set up your hearing in the 10 days, you automatically lose your license for at least 30 days. 

When you hire me, I will schedule and conduct your hearing for you.

(Legal Announcement)

I have helped hundreds of people with their DUI’s and have won many DMV hearings on technical reasons that you won’t know about i.e. 3 hour presumption, Title 17, hearsay, illegal search and seizure…



Court and DMV are independent of each other.  When you were released from jail, you were also given a court date.

I know that going to court can be embarrassing, confusing,stressful and cost you time off of work.  When you hire me to help you with your DUI, I will represent you at DMV and in court and you may not need to come to court (unless you want to).

If you don’t hire me or another attorney to represent you, you MUST appear in court on the given date and time or you will have an FTA/A FAILURE TO APPEAR and a warrant will be issued for your arrest. Making your situation even worse.

You need to protect your rights and make sure everything gets done right.  A screw up can be very costly.  Let’s get this behind you, so you can move on with your life.😁

Call or text Andrea/me at (619) 518-0476 to schedule your Free “WHAT DO I DO NOW?” session, to help you figure out your best strategy and make this as easy as possible for you. 

Let’s make sure we are a good fit. If we are, I will personally represent you, negotiate your case and make sure your rights are protected while holding your hand through the whole process, make this as painless and easy as possible for you, and do my best to help you through this difficult time.

Representation, support and guidance without judgment. 


All my best.

Attorney Andrea Schneider, a San Diego attorney since 1992.

Call or text me at (619) 518-0476  or email me at

P.S. I will take no action with your DMV hearing or court case until we talk and you hire me.😉




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