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DUI and Divorce Attorney Andrea Schneider, San Diego

San Diego DUI Defense Lawyer Andrea Schneider

Attorney Andrea Schneider, San Diego

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Practice Areas of DUI and Divorce Attorney Andrea Schneider, San Diego:

Criminal Defense Lawyer -arrested for…

San Diego DUI Lawyer click on San Diego DUI Defense Lawyer

Divorce Lawyer


San Diego Attorney Andrea Schneider has been a licensed California attorney since 1992 and is dedicated to helping you, like she has helped so many others.  She will help you with, CRIMINAL DEFENSE, DUI, DMV, Misdemeanors, Felonies, DIVORCE, Child custody, Child support, Spousal support…..

Things happen.  


Divorce related issues:

“If you want to spend a lot of money to fight over the chair, I’m not the attorney for you. I will help you negotiate with the other side regarding child support, child visitation, spousal support, division of property… 
Some attorneys will encourage you to fight over everything, which means more money for them. I don’t believe in that. I will help you do what’s best for your family.” Andrea

As a mother of 2, Andrea understands that doing what is BEST for Your Children in a DIVORCE is extremely important.  

IF you are going through a divorce or separation, Your rights will get protected aggressively and she will help you get through this difficult time as easily, compassionately and cost efficiently as possible.  

Your happiness and peace of mind is very important.

San Diego Divorce Attorney Andrea Schneider will help you decrease your stress, time and expenses. 

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Criminal Defense.

Andrea helps good people through a bad time.

You deserve Attorney Andrea Schneider’s help if you are being charged as a defendant in a criminal case, especially a San Diego DUI.  Click on San Diego DUI 

If you are female and arrested for a DUI then click on Female and arrested in San Diego for a DUI.  

Call Andrea at (619) 518-0476 or email her at


Practice Areas of DUI and Divorce Attorney Andrea Schneider, San Diego


  • FAMILY LAW: Full representation or 1 hour consulting is available.
  •  CLICK HERE for DIVORCE, child support, spousal support..San Diego information.
    • * Divorce

      * Legal Separation

      * Child Custody

      * Child Support

      * Child Visitation

      * Spousal Support

      * Juvenile Dependency & Delinquency

      * Property Division

      * Marriage Settlement Agreements

      * Post Judgment and Divorce Modifications

  • For specific details about these practice areas or other areas, please contact San Diego DUI Defense Lawyer and Divorce Lawyer Andrea Schneider at or at (619) 518-0476.  

Even if Andrea does not practice the area you need her help in, she will help you find another amazing attorney. So, contact her for any legal matter you have.

(And of course, this website is just to share information, isn’t meant as legal advice and does not create an attorney/client relationship.  You should always contact an attorney for your specific situation and for more information.)


 San Diego DUI Defense Lawyer


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