Andrea Schneider

Helping Good People Through Bad Times


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Andrea called me back in beneath ten minutes. She was very focused on what i told her, asked the right questions and gave me great advice on a quite complex and complicated question. I can highly recommend her.  G.


First off I have to say Andrea is amazing. I am currently going through a custody case with my ex-husband for our son and even though I live out of state Andrea is willing to FaceTime me and give me great legal advice. She has consulted with me about legal paperwork needed for court and mediation. She has gone step by step with the paperwork and forms to make sure I am comfortable and confident in what I am saying and filling out so i don’t feel stressed or overwhelmed when it comes time to go into court. She is very thorough and just genuinely cares about me and my case and is even willing to help me while on vacation. I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney to help me. Ashley O.


Going through a divorce can be terrifying!  There are so many laws and formulas that go into a divorce that it can be absolutely mind boggling!  Especially in my case because my husband was in the military so there were even more laws and formulas!  Andrea was able to explain to me all the steps required for the divorce process and then followed through on everything single step.  What a huge relief to know that Andrea had my back and would truly be MY champion.  Getting in touch with her was very easy and convenient.  She was very quick to respond to any of my questions and gave me just the right amount of support.  If you are nervous and afraid about a getting a divorce, you should reach out to Andrea.  She made me feel empowered during this divorce journey and helped me see that I could survive this ordeal with her by my side.  Dawn

Andrea Schneider is a god send. If you need legal help call her, she replies fast and I couldn’t be more grateful for her help.5.0 stars. Posted by Ashley. August 17, 2017

Attorney Andrea Schneider goes to great lengths for her clients. Professional Excellence! Keep up the great work… and thank you for caring enough to get my husband started on his journey. Shirley


I am very pleased with the representation Andrea has done for me. Being very nervous and stressed with my DUI situation, Andrea has made me feel very comfortable. All of my imposed fines have been less and better than I would have ever thought. I would recommend her highly️ 



“Andrea did a great job for myself and my case. It came out far more superior than expected. She was very thorough and competent. I appreciate everything she has done for myself and I would recommend her to anyone needing an attorney.”

Jesse S.


I found Andrea on avvo. I received a summons to appear in 6 days. I needed to meet with her and she saw me within a day of calling her. She actually answered the phone and some of my questions while at Disneyland with her kids. Andrea met with me for an hour and gave me the exact paperwork I needed for mediation. While everyone in the courthouse was frantically filling out three pages of paperwork, I was able to gather my thoughts. She also prepared me for the mediation. Andrea is a very skilled and knowledgeable attorney. The hours consult was priceless. The court sided in my favor and I owe this to Andrea. Thank you. Paulina


I hired Andrea to consult me on a child custody case. She talked me through the whole process thoroughly and explained what you expect as well as how I can best present myself. I will be walking into mediation with my sons father feeling as prepared as possible. I am grateful for her assistance.  Britney


I used Andrea’s services for a divorce case. She was very knowledgable and helpful. She patiently heard my questions and gave detailed answers. She went above and beyond to help me prepare how to communicate with my spouse. R.