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Mediation process

Mediation process 

If you have a situation that you can not solve, Andrea is available as a neutral party to help you and  the other party (parties) resolve your issues.  She is  looking forward to assisting you.

Click the video below for Andrea’s 1 minute video on mediation.


Mediation Benefits

Be in control of the situation instead of having a judge or jury decide the outcome for you. Get a faster, cheaper, better outcome. Less annoying and less stressful too.

People who are involved in a dispute often hire lawyers to fight out their disagreement in the public court system. If they go to war, the object of each party’s lawyer may be to win at any cost. In many cases, there are no winners in this scenario.  As an attorney, I have seen other attorneys push their clients to argue over ridiculous things (like a bar stool.)   

Most lawsuits end up settling sometime during the wait to get to a judge or jury trial. The goal should be to make the settlement as inexpensive as possible, by reaching an agreement before too much money is spent on legal fees.

Mediation is a cost effective alternative to going to trial. The parties agree to sit down, with an impartial mediator, like Andrea Schneider, and settle their differences. In using this sensible and responsible approach, the parties can often resolve their issues and save a lot of money.

Avoids emotional trauma for both parties:
Mediation takes place in a confidential, and respectful atmosphere under the guidance of an experienced professional. Mediation helps both parties solve their problems and move forward so that they can spend their time, energy and money in more productive ways.


Significant cost savings

Mediation is  a way to avoid the legal fees and costs of adversarial court proceedings. Mediation may resolve a dispute for as little as $1,200 but litigation can cost tens of thousands of dollars.


Significant time savings:

Mediation avoids the time and STRESS of litigation. Mitigation may take a few hours and litigation may take a year or more.


More control over your decisions.
In court a total stranger, the judge or juror, will decide your issues and case. Often both parties will feel that they have lost.

In mediation, all parties agree on the resolution of each important issue. Your lawsuit need not even be filed at the time of mediation. Once the parties agree to a settlement, a written Settlement Agreement is signed by each party.

In a court proceeding the court sets dates based on its schedule. In a mediation you determine the schedule to work out your issues.  Wouldn’t it be nice to work out your issues in a few hours instead of having it hang over your head for years?


Mediation for legal matters

Andrea has a diverse range of knowledge and life experience. She has a holistic approach to life and law.  Thus, she can mediate a wide range of subject matters such as, but not limited to :

family law mediation involving divorces, child custody, child support, separation of property and debts… (Andrea handled many of these cases as an attorney.) 

residential real estate mediation (Andrea was a real estate broker for many years.) 
commercial real estate mediation

business mediation (Andrea has been a business owner for 22 years.)

personal injury

medical malpractice
employment mediation (including class actions)
professional negligence mediation (including medical, dental and legal)
construction defect mediation
contractor disputes mediation
consumer disputes
family disputes related to real estate, business, or personal matters
probate disputes related to real estate or business

neighbor disputes

If you have a situation that you need help resolving, Andrea is available as a neutral party to help you and  the other party resolve your issues.  She is  looking forward to working with you.  She will do her best to schedule your mediation within a week or 2 of contacting her. 

Rates are $300 per hour with a 3 hour minimum. 

To schedule your mediation, please contact Andrea at or at (619) 518-0476.  It is best to call instead of email.